Piezoceramics are used in a wide variety of applications as follows:

The piezoceramic components are broadly used in medical application. Ultrasonic imaging have becomes more and more important for the clinical radiologist, due to particular characteristic of non ionization, there will be less risk to both patient and examiner. The high-power piezoelectric material can be used in surgical cutting, the ultrasonic system transforms the electric energy into mechanical movement at high frequency, to drive longitudinal vibrations of the knife, greatly enhances the surgical cutting of tissues. Piezo ceramics are also the key technology in applications of blood flow measurement and foetal heart monitors, providing the higher reliability and accuracy of detection.

Additionally, the large number of medical devices, such as ultrasonic nebulizers, ultrasonic scalers and ultrasonic cleaners, which are depend on piezoelectric technology, are commonly applied to medical industry, the innovative ultrasonic technology is used to promot medical progress around the world.

The typical application is used for transducers with high-power ultrasound. The PZT-8 or PZT-4 piezo ceramic components can generate high-power ultrasonic waves for ultrasonic cleaning, drilling, welding and accelerating chemical processes. On the other hand, piezoceramics can be also made into transducers in ultrasonic distance measurement. In the form of ultrasonic receivers and transmitters, piezo transducers are used for level sensors for fuel tanks and for gas and liquid flow.

Depends on the property of piezoceramics, actuators is another kind of important application, piezoceramics can produce controlled deformation in the micrometer range. Base on this characteristic, the new application of transducers are used as drivers in hydraulic and pneumatic valves, inkjet printer heads, positioning systems, textile knitting machines, micromanipulators and proportioning systems for liquid and gaseous media, etc.

In high power radio applications, the ceramic capacitors are used widely in antenna tuning, and for the high power handheld units used by the emergency services. The piezoceramic components can be designed into a wide range of communication appliances including satellite communication systems, base stations and antennae.

piezoceramics have excellent stability and high sensitivity in high demanding aerospace applications such as gyroscopes for measuring acceleration pitch of aircraft, missiles and satellites.

Today the piezoceramic is used widely in household goods throughout the home. piezo cigarette lighter is the simplest device, pressing the button can strike a piezoceramic element which produces a spark, then the spark ignites the gas which is passing through the burner. That’s why the cigarette lighter can work continuously without needing any external power. It is just common to explain the general principles of piezoelectricity effect.

There are many additional applications beyond gas igniters. Piezo buzzers are found in burglar alarm systems, ultrasonic humidifiers can be used to avoid dry atmosphere, many electric toothbrushes use piezo element to achieve cleaning effect without abrasive brushing. If you like musical instruments, you may don’t know that the piezo element can be found on many violins, guitars, cellos, and other stringed instruments.

In a word, the piezoceramic has become a basic necessity of our life.

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